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  • Introduction to SEO and SEO Terms
    Definition: What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
    0-9 A-Z SEO Related Terms
  • Getting Started with SEO
    Things to Consider before Choosing a Niche for your Website3:12
    Why Domain Registration Length is Important for SEO?0:51
    Unique SEO Friendly Domain Name is the Game Changer1:39
    Why Domain Age Matters?1:37
    Manually Submitting your Website to Major Search Engines
    Automatically Submit your Website to Various Search Engines at Once
    How to Find High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords using Google Keyword Planner?
  • Image Optimization Implemented by SEO Experts
    Using Image Title and Alt Text Correctly1:57
    How to Rank High in Image Search Results?
    How to Name and Describe the Raw Image Files to Implement Advanced Image SEO
  • Anatomy of An SEO Friendly Website (On Page SEO Tactics)
    It's Time for Meta Tags!
    Why Content Length and Quality is Very Important for SEO?
    Crafting an SEO Friendly Post Title1:21
    Why Content Length and Quality is Very Important for SEO?
    How to Check Page Speed or Loading Time of a Website?
    Tips for a Faster and Visitor Friendly Website
    What are BreadCrumbs?
    Types of BreadCrumbs
    What is Bounce Rate?
    How to Lower the Bounce Rate of your Website?
  • Secret Backlink Building Strategy only SEO Experts know
    Secret Backlink Building Strategy #1
    Secret Backlink Building Strategy #2
    Secret Backlink Building Strategy #3
    Secret Backlink Building Strategy #4
    Secret Backlink Building Strategy #5
    Secret Backlink Building Strategy #6
    Secret Backlink Building Strategy #7
    Secret Baclink Building Strategy #8
    Secret Baclink Building Strategy #9
    Secret Backlink Building Strategy #10
    Secret Backlink Building Strategy #11
    Secret Backlink Building Strategy #12
    Secret Backlink Building Strategy #13
  • International SEO
    What is International Seo?1:02
    Href Lang Tags
  • Google Penalties and Issues
    What is Google Penalty?0:54
    Understanding Google Panda1:16
    Understanding Google Penguin1:10
    Difference between Google Panda and Google Penguin
    History of Google Panda
    Understanding Google Hummingbird1:06
    Understanding Google Phantom1:09
    Recovering from Google Penguin1:04
    Recovering from Google Panda1:25
  • Webmaster Guidelines Google Wants You to Follow
    Design and Content Guidelines
    Technical Guidelines
    Quality Guidelines2:18
  • Black Hat SEO Techniques and Practices
    Hidden Backlinks0:36
    Meta Descriptions Stuffing0:46
    Little or No Original Content
    Google Bombing1:02
    Doorway Pages1:08
    Thin Content Affiliate Websites
    Sneaky Redirects
    Participating in Link Schemes
    Malicious Websites1:22
    Sending Automated Queries to Google1:24
    Negative Factors Affecting Ranking of a Website
    How Blackhat SEO Experts Create Invisible Backlinks?
    Parasite Hosting1:08
    Other Blackhat SEO Techniques
    Scraped Content1:16
    Keyword Stuffing1:17
    Automatically Generated Content
  • Understanding Moz Metrics
    What is Domain Authority?
    How to Increase Domain Authority of your Website?1:12
    What is Page Authority?0:52
    How to Improve Page Authority?1:16
    Understanding Moz Rank
    How to Improve Moz Rank?1:22
    Understanding Moz Trust
    How to Improve Moz Trust?
  • ★ Complete List of Google's 200 Website Ranking Factors ★
    On Page Keyword Specific Ranking Factors
    On Page Non Keyword Ranking Factors
    Page Specific Link Popularity Ranking Factors
    Site Wide Link Based Ranking Factors
    Site Wide Non Link Based Ranking Factors
    Social Media Based Ranking Factors
    Usage Data Ranking Factors
    Geo Targeting Factors
    Negative Factors Affecting the Value of an External Link
  • Mobile SEO Practices
    What is Mobile SEO?1:01
    How to Test your Website for Mobile Friendliness?
    3 Ways to make your Website Mobile-Friendly
    Tips for a Successful Mobile Friendly Website
    What is 'Mobilegeddon'?
  • Local SEO
    What is Local SEO?
    Top 50 Local Business Citation Websites in the United States
    Top 30 Local Business Citation Websites in Canada
    Top 30 Local Business Citation Websites in United Kingdom
    Top 30 Local Business Citation Websites in Australia
    List of Car Dealership Citation Websites
    List of Real Estate Citation Websites
    List of Graphic Design Citation Websites
    List of IT Services Citation Websites
    List of Marketing Citation Websites
    List of Beauty and Cosmetics Citation Websites
    List of Insurance Citation Websites
    List of Hotel Citation Websites
    List of Restaurant Citation Websites
    List of Legal Citation Websites
    List of Finance/Accounting Citation Websites
    List of Building and Construction Citation Websites
    List of Art and Antiques Citation Websites
    List of Events Citation Websites
    How to Claim your Business Website on Google My Business for Local SEO
    How to Link Google My Business to Google Maps
    This is what Local SEO Implementation looks like in Reality
  • Complete Wordpress SEO Tactics
    Setting up your Wordpress Website and Brief Intro of Wordpress Dashboard
    How to Install Wordpress SEO by Yoast Plugin?
    Complete Wordpress SEO by Yoast Settings
  • Complete Blogger SEO Tips and Tricks
    Setting Up Custom Domain
    Setting the Title and Privacy of your Website0:58
    How to Add Custom Robots.txt file in Blogger?
    How to Show Homepage Title appear after Blog Title in Blogger?
    How to Add Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger?
  • Google Knowledge Graph: The Future of SEO
    Understanding Google's Knowledge Graph
    Understanding Rich Snippets, Types and Use of Rich Snippets
    What is Google's Quick/Direct Answer Box?
    Some Examples of Google's Quick Answer Box
  • Google's Webmasters Intro
    How to Add a Website to Google's Webmaster?
    How to Target your Website Internationally to Visitors of a Particular Country?
    How to Check for the Crawlability of a Website in Google Webmasters?
    How to Demote a Sitelink URL of your Website in Google Webmasters
  • Using Google Analytics
    How to Track the Visitors of your Website in Real Time using Google Analytics?
    How to Check the Browser, OS, Screen Resolution and Network of the Visitor using
    How to Check the Demographics of the Visitors using Google Analytics
    How to Check Interest, Geo, Behavior & Device of the Visitor in Google Analytics
  • Understanding Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)
    What is Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) ?
    Where to Include LSI Keywords?
  • Useful SEO Tools
    Best Free SEO Tool #1
    Best Free SEO Tool #2
  • Miscellaneous
    What is a Bad Neighborhood in SEO?
    Understanding Importance of C-Block IP Address in SEO

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Course Description

So much of your website or business' success is based on users getting there in the first place. Luckily Search Engine Optimization allows you the opportunity to sway the odds in your favor by putting the right knowledge and techniques in place. In this course, you'll learn to make your site stand out on all the search engine giants: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and more. More visitors, more chances of success. Start mastering SEO today.

  • Start mastering SEO w/ 140 lectures & 6 hours of content
  • Get a complete list of SEO terms
  • Make sure your site ranks #1 in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc.
  • Rank high in image search results
  • Maximize your search rankings in local search results
  • Learn to conquer SEO on an international level
  • Make your SEO mobile friendly
  • Avoid certain black hat SEO tactics
  • Navigate Google Webmaster, Analytics & Keyword Planner


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  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
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