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What's Included

Complete Guide to Front-End Web Development & Design
  • Certification included
  • Experience level required: Beginner
  • Access 204 lectures & 17 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

204 Lessons (17h)

  • Modern Web Development introduction to course content
    Modern Website Development Introduction11:29
    Modern Web developer Sneak peek10:03
  • Learn HTML fundamentals of website
    1 HTML CSS Course Introduction8:48
    2 Getting Started with HTML10:07
    3 Learn about HTML what is HTML4:34
    4 resources
    5 Create an HTML template to use and reuse multiple times6:54
    6 HTML Comments and Meta Information6:11
    7 HTML Paragraphs LineBreaks Headings8:09
    8 Meta information and whitespace in HTML files5:34
    9 Working with HTML attributes and images8:07
    10 List types HTML6:10
    11 Working with Tables HTML9:15
    12 Connecting webpages with hyperlinks9:38
    13 Source and Resources
    14 How to create a basic form in HTML8:28
    15 HTML5 Input Types7:40
    16 Creating amazing forms in HTML10:50
    17 HTML5 Web forms7:42
    18 Source and Resources
    19 Practice HTML Code2:28
    20 HTML5 Content Sectioning6:27
  • Learn CSS fundamentals of website development
    21 How to add CSS and JavaScript to HTML pages9:25
    22 Source and Resources
    23 Working with Style Colors and text alignment CSS10:04
    24 CSS Background Styling options12:17
    25 Using CSS Selectors7:38
    26 Source and Resources
    27 CSS box Model Borders10:02
    28 CSS Box model padding shorthand6:05
    29 CSS Box Model Margins6:44
    Source Code
    31 CSS Shorthand vs Long Declarations PX EM and Percentage4:58
    32 Source and Resources
    33 CSS display options8:30
    34 CSS position elements7:18
    35 Source and Resources
    36 CSS pseudo Classes8:01
    37 CSS pseudo Elements4:07
    38 Source and Resources
    39 Multiple Selectors Same Properties2:55
    40 CSS Selector Nesting4:17
    41 CSS Clean up CSS and transform our webpage5:54
    42 Transform a list into a navigation bar8:44
    43 Create 2 columns in main content area7:20
  • CSS Next Steps
    44 CSS more styling of HTML page6:10
    45 Make it responsive CSS website12:49
    46 Adding Google Fonts2:32
    47 Source and Resources
    48 Source and Resources
  • JavaScript creating interactive Dynamic Content
    50 JavaScript Introduction course resources3:26
    51 First JavaScript Code4:44
    52 How to add JavaScript to your webpage9:54
    53 Syntax of JavaScript how to write code9:24
    54 Source Code
    55 Debugging Dev tools console messages in JavaScript9:25
  • Writing JavaScript code
    56 JavaScript Variables Data Types9:29
    57 Source Code
    58 JavaScript How arrays work7:58
    59 JavaScript working with Arrays5:39
    60 JavaScript Arrays in Action12:14
    61 JavaScript Arrays as Strings and Slices6:54
    62 Source Code
    63 JavaScript Working with Objects8:17
    64 JavaScript Constructor Objects5:23
    65 Source Code
    66 JavaScript Introduction to Functions2:57
    67 JavaScript working with Functions6:52
    68 JavaScript Functions in Action7:10
    69 JavaScript Global Scope Values in Functions8:11
    70 Source Code
  • JavaScript in Action get Dynamic and Interactive
    71 What is the DOM6:46
    72 JavaScript DOM Document Object Model5:50
    73 JavaScript getElementById6:56
    74 JavaScript DOM select elements via Class and Tags6:34
    75 JavaScript the Document Object data5:22
    76 JavaScript Update Styling attributes using the DOM5:48
    77 Source Code
    78 JavaScript DOM onclick5:36
    79 JavaScript Mouse Event Listeners7:32
    80 Source Code
    81 JavaScript addEventListener7:28
    82 Source Code
    83 JavaScript Queryselectorall multiple elements event listeners7:17
    84 JavaScript More Element Selection options6:03
    85 Source Code
    86 JavaScript Creating New Elements6:27
    87 Source Code
    88 DOM and Form Create Form Validation13:01
    89 Source Code
  • JavaScript fundamentals
    90 JavaScript Fundamentals5:02
    91 JavaScript Operators Introduction9:17
    92 JavaScript Operators increment alternating row colors8:45
    93 JavaScript Conditional ternary operator3:18
    94 JavaScript Logical operators3:13
    95 Source Code
    96 JavaScript Math Method5:49
    97 JavaScript Date Method4:34
    98 Source Code
    99 JavaScript Conditions6:11
    100 JavaScript working with Conditions3:01
    101 Source Code
    102 JavaScript Switch Condition4:47
    103 Source Code
    104 JavaScript While Loop4:42
    105 JavaScript Do loop2:15
    106 JavaScript For loop2:19
    107 Source Code
  • JavaScript JSON and AJAX
    108 JavaScript introduction to JSON4:38
    109 JavaScript Multiple Objects4:13
    110 JavaScript AJAX connection5:56
    111 JavaScript Get JSON data using AJAX7:34
    112 JavaScript External JSON file Data using AJAX3:02
    113 Source Code
    114 JavaScript AJAX more details5:13
    115 JavaScript AJAX server interaction2:21
    116 JavaScript AJAX send data to server3:07
    117 JavaScript AJAX post data to server5:27
    118 Source Code
    119 AJAX Challenge send another field2:33
    120 Source Code
  • jQuery for quicker coding
    121 SourceCode-in-Lessons-jQuery
    122 Introduction to jQuery3:12
    123 How to add jQuery to your webpages2:17
    124 Course resources Add jquery into your webpage10:36
    125 Course Resources
    126 what is the DOM in JavaScript5:54
    127 Learn about the DOM
    128 Document Object Model information via the browser3:12
  • jQUERY easy AJAX
    129 How to write jQuery code2:47
    130 jQuery Check First jQuery Code8:17
    131 Source Code
    132 Use jQuery to update web page content7:49
    133 All about jquery selectors pick elements from your webpage6:47
    134 jQuery Web page manipulation and content interaction8:36
    135 Source Code
    136 Using Each and THIS to get element contents5:29
    137 Updating Elements Before After Prepend Append11:16
    138 Source Code
    139 Modify Elements Empty Remove3:17
    140 each loop advanced4:25
    141 Source Code
  • jQuery Events and Traversing
    142 Event listeners Interactive web pages7:13
    143 jQuery event listeners Click events shorthand vs regular7:38
    144 jQuery Challenge 1 create interactive list2:42
    145 Source Code
    146 jQuery Solution to Challenge 14:09
    147 Common jQuery Mouse events9:57
    148 jQuery Mouse Events Mouse Pressed3:58
    149 jQuery Keyboard Events6:29
    150 Source Code
    151 Form Events8:56
    152 Source Code
    153 jQuery Form Challenge 27:56
    154 Source Code
    155 jQuery Challenge 2 Solution Form Field Check3:07
    156 Source Code
    157 jQuery power of Find10:42
    158 Source Code
    159 Parents and Children selection9:25
    160 jQuery more selection of Children looping6:24
    161 jQuerry Traversing Next and siblings9:54
    162 Source Code
    163 Traversing First Last Selection4:14
    164 Source Code
    165 jQuery Filters for selection3:42
  • jQuery Styling and Effects
    166 jQuery Add CSS Values5:33
    167 jQuery how to work with classes4:38
    168 jQueryCSS remove Class3:41
    169 hasClass CSS challenge Toggle class5:53
    170 Source Code
    171 Source Code
    172 jQuery challenge solution Toggle Dynamic List Items4:33
    173 Source Code
    174 jQuery Attribute Content and update7:30
    175 Source Code
    176 jQuery Effects Hide Show5:54
    177 jQuery Toggle Element3:49
    178 jQuery Callbacks4:51
    179 Source Code
    180 jQuery Fading Elements5:44
    181 Source Code
    182 jQuery Element Sliding4:32
    183 Source Code
    184 animate your Elements with jQuery10:06
  • jQuery AJAX
    186 jQuery and AJAX9:51
    187 Simple loading content to element via AJAX4:58
    188 jQuery AJAX get9:24
    189 jQuery getJSON data from external file7:32
    190 Source Code
    191 jQuery working with POST data6:47
    192 jQuery AJAX method6:09
    193 Source Code
  • Bringing it together HTML CSS and jQuery
    194 HTML CSS Lesson plan5:08
    195 jQuery Keyup Content match in form field8:49
    196 Source Code
    197 Form Select return value on change5:35
    198 jQuery Event AJAX response from server9:09
    199 jQuery and radio buttons and check boxes10:43
    200 Source Code
    201 jQuery UI autocomplete setup7:14
    202 jQuery UI autocomplete from Dynamic JSON file7:20
    203 Source Code

Complete Guide to Front-End Web Development & Design

Laurence Svekis

Providing Smart digital solutions online since 2001, Laurence Svekis is considered a true web technology expert, having professional experience in a wide range of digital areas: from Search Marketing, Video Marketing, Content Creation, User Experience, application architecture, to web programming.

After launching his first websites he quickly realized that to get traffic on your site you need to be able to market online. Researching and using personal experimentation as to what are the most successful ways to effectively drive traffic to his websites, he was able to successfully build multiple success eCommerce sites. He used his expertise to provide Search Engine Marketing Services SEO to 100's of clients.

In the advent of Social Media in 2006, he had identified it as an excellent opportunity to drive traffic and connect with users. He created many successful sites that integrated with Myspace and then later into Facebook. He was able to monetize the traffic on several platforms, driving in some cases 10K+ clicks daily to the various platforms..

Applications he has created have entertained, informed and engaged tens of millions of people and he has over billions of page views on various platforms.


The information age has put a premium on web developers and made web development skills more important than ever. In this course, you'll learn valuable front-end development concepts so you can start building your own websites from scratch. With an immersion in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery, this course will give you a wealth of knowledge that may be an excellent foundation for your development career.

  • Access 204 lectures & 17 hours of content 24/7
  • Discover popular coding languages over 4 distinct, well-organized units
  • Use comments & meta information in HTML
  • Transform your HTML code w/ CSS
  • Build navigation bars, format pages & make your website come to life
  • Debug using JavaScript
  • Create elements on the fly w/ JavaScript
  • Traverse the Document Object Model (DOM) w/ jQuery


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: beginner


  • Internet required


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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