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  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the New Job Hunting Landscape
    Career Hacking Version 4.0 Launched Winter 2016/170:54
    How Dave Used the Course to find a Great Job*6:11
    Welcome: Technology is Changing the World of Job Hunting7:20
    How People Earn More and Save Time with Job Search Preparation1:51
    Access to the Private Facebook Group and Brain Boosts
  • Resumes in a World of AI and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs)
    The Two Ways that Resumes Can Determine Your Future1:42
    An Introduction to Resume Hacking2:29
    Hack: The Big Six Skills and Reverse Engineering Techniques2:14
    You are an Iceberg: Framing and Transferable Skills2:34
    Quiz 1: Finding Your Core Career Communication Strategy0:31
    Action Learning: Identify Your Big Six Skills0:57
    Optimizing Your Resume in the Age of Algorithms3:44
    [Step by Step Guide] The Anti Robot Protocol PDF
    Quiz 2: Resume Keyword Optimization0:26
    Using Eazl's Power Language Tool to Write Resume Content See PDF Attachment
    [PDF Guide] Eazl Power Language Tool
    Integrating Brands, Details, and Quantities See PDF for Industrial Titles
    [PDF] Guide to Industrial Titles
    Using the Eazl Schematic for Writing a Powerful Executive Summary1:08
    [Optional] Don't Get Bogged Down with These Resume Myths1:25
    [Optional] A Few Tips on Bulletproofing Your Resume1:06
  • Let’s Write Your Winning Resume Together [SideBySides]
    The Story Behind the $1,500 Resume + Using the Resume Resources2:50
    Introduction to the SideBYSide Resume Tutorials0:45
    Action Learning: Use the Resume Resource Bank1:52
    Use the Resume Templates & Samples: the Resume Resource Bank
    Reverse Engineering and Building the Big Six Skills12:52
    Describing Organizations and Using Job Titles7:27
    Designing a Keyword Optimization Strategy4:05
    Writing Great Resume Content for a Past Job7:45
    Writing Great Resume Content for a Volunteer Position4:17
    Writing an Intelligent Position Description1:30
    Writing a Powerful Executive Summary4:59
    Designing the Education Section2:02
    Finishing Up: Describing Another Full-time Position2:49
    Finishing Up: Describing an Academic Research Post3:59
    Finishing Up: Describing a Professional Internship3:44
    Finishing Up: Adding Languages and Other Extras1:48
    [PDF] John Resume from Side By Sides
    From the Vlog: Exporting Your Resume to Work with ATSs
    From the Vlog: Coding Labs, GitHub, and Personal Websites on Tech Resumes
    Extra: How to Handle Promotions within the Same Organization1:49
  • Let's Build Out Your "Professional Brand" with a Great LinkedIn® Profile
    An Introduction to LinkedIn® Profile Building1:39
    Welcome to the Front Lines of AI’s Disruption of Recruiting Guide in Resources
    Action Learning: The Step by Step Guide to LinkedIn® Profile Building0:45
    [PDF] Step by Step Guide to LinkedIn Profile Building
    How to Connect Your Big Six Skills with Your LinkedIn® Profile Using Images2:14
    SideBYSide: How to Source Personal Branding Collateral from YouTube®2:41
    SideBYSide: How to Source Personal Branding Collateral from Slideshare®1:29
    Using Your Profile Photo to Lower Friction with Recruiters2:09
    [PDF] Duke Competence in Professional Presentation
    How to Take Your Own Professional Photo Makeup Guide for Business Photos Here if Needed
    [PDF] Guide to Makeup for Business Self Portraits
    Intelligent Design for LinkedIn® Profile Headlines2:48
    How to Write Powerful LinkedIn® Summaries Guide to Writing LinkedIn® Summaries Here
    [PDF] The Eazl Guide to LinkedIn Summaries
    Quiz 4: The Opportunity for Visual Branding on Your LinkedIn® Profile0:23
  • Let's Build a Standout LinkedIn® Profile Optimized for Both People and Software
    People Like Pictures and Robots Like Data0:44
    Building a Great LinkedIn® Profile1:16
    Part 1: Summary Design and Collection of Supplementary Collateral7:24
    Part 2: Integrate Your Headshot and Summary Collateral, Generate a Custom URL8:16
    Part 3: Taking Your Professional Story Live with Visual Collateral5:56
    Part 4: Linking Educational Institutions and Making Your Degrees Pop2:51
    Part 5: Using the Supplemental Sections2:39
    Part 6: Connecting Skills with Your Big Six and Optimizing Advanced Features5:09
    Extra: How to Source Beautiful Copyright-free Banner Images for your Profile1:34
    From the Vlog: Two Recipes for Getting LinkedIn Recommendations
  • How to Make Your Cover Letter Your Job-winning Sidekick
    Cover Letters Are Important, Sometimes0:58
    Templates & Samples: Cover Letter Resource Bank
    The Cover Letter Resource Bank0:47
    Identify Your Cover Letter Strategy Application Barriers Checklist Here
    Action Learning: The Application Barriers Checklist0:43
    [PDF] Application Barriers Checklist
    Hack: How to Mass Customize Your Cover Letters0:57
    Eazl's SIS System for Decoding Organizational Cultures See Attached Guide
    [PDF] SIS Culture Analysis Tool
    Quiz: How are you going to approach your cover letter?0:23
    SideBYSide: Writing a Cover Letter that Makes the Difference9:25
    [PDF] Alex Smith Cover Letter Example
  • Four Soft Skills that Will Get You Further than Most Technical Skills
    Where the Most Value is Usually Created (You’ll Be Surprised)1:52
    When You Kick Over the Beehive, Someone’s Going to Get Stung3:28
    The Best Statement isn’t a Statement...1:41
    The Fuel that Drives New Relationships3:29
    The Big Secret to Motivating People3:02
  • Job Search 2.0: Integrating Technology and Networking into Your Job Search
    Taking the Power Back: The Entrepreneurial Job Search1:07
    Optional: Some Opportunity Generating Strategies [PDF]
    Intro: Your Commitment to Being Active3:01
    Why Organizations Hire and How it Impacts Your Job Search2:48
    Your Secret Weapon: Job Search CRM See e-Networking Guide and Word Tracks
    [PDF] CCMM Guide to eNetworking
    [PDF] Eazl's Word Tracks for LinkedIn
    SideBYSides: Setting Up Your Job Search CRM6:22
    Quiz 5: What is CRM and why does it matter to you?0:20
    Boolean Techniques: How to Search Like an Expert See Guide to Boolean Searching Here
    Action Learning: Guide to Boolean Search Techniques0:42
    [PDF] Guide to Boolean Search
    SideBYSide: Kaman's Boolean Search Trick for Finding Related Companies1:12
    Quiz 6: What are Boolean search operators and why do they matter?0:24
    Who is Scanning My Resume?1:44
    How to Use Recruiters and Staffing Agencies2:22
    How to Uncover Middle Market Opportunities1:34
    CCMM: Smart Career Networking (Introverts Welcome)2:32
    Action Learning: Get the Eazl Guide to eNetworking0:41
    SideBYSides: Finding Networking Targets on LinkedIn®7:31
    SideBYSides: Researching Organizations on LinkedIn®7:31
    How the Hidden Job Market Works1:25
    How to Use Informal Chats to Build a Network3:01
    Quiz 7: What is the culture of informal professional conversations?0:20
    EazlLive: An Example of an Informal Chat8:22
  • Section 8: How to Win in the Interview While Being Yourself
    It’s About Preparation and Knowing Your Audience1:29
    An Introduction to Interview Hacking2:51
    How the Interviewing System Works1:44
    By Request: How to Sell Yourself Without Selling2:26
    What the Data Says about Fortune 500 Recruiters’ Preferences1:43
    EazlView: Nick Livingston on How Technical Recruiters Interview11:31
    Hacking Interview Prep: The BORG System1:56
    Action Learning: Download the Interview Cheat Sheet0:26
    [PDF] Interview Cheat Sheet
    EazlViews: A Fortune 500 Recruiter on References3:37
    Resources: Here are Some Professional Reference Templates [PDF]
    How to Use Crisis Narratives to Tell Powerful Stories2:47
    How to Handle the Weakness Question1:23
    How to Master the Art of Small Talk1:48
    [PDF] Small Talk Cheat Sheet
    Action Learning: Practice Active Listening to Find Strategic Information1:48
    Quiz 8: What Information Can Be Used to Develop a Smarter Approach to This Firm?0:20
    The $10,000 Strategy: How to Never Be Stumped by Any Question2:20
    [PDF] Answer Strategies and Question Sample Bank
    How to Present Yourself Confidently and Handle Interview Nerves1:42
    How to Make a Great First Impression1:40
    Common Scenarios: How to Hack Phone Interviews1:38
    Action Learning: Guide to Phone Interviews0:39
    [PDF] Guide to Phone Interviews
    Common Scenarios: How to Ace Video Interviews2:52
    Common Scenarios: How to Ace the Agency Interview1:48
    EazlViews: Mock Interview with a Fortune 500 Recruiter25:03
    Extra: What to do After an Interview & How to Follow Up with Interviewers0:32
  • Section 9: Salary Negotiation + Further Study Modules
    How to Negotiate Job Offers2:30
    Salary Negotiation: The Labor Market is a Marketplace5:13
    [PDF] Word Tracks for Declining Job Offers
    EazlView: Economist Charles Hugh Smith on Accrediting Yourself8:14
    Further Study: Using the VISTA Career Planning Tool2:41
    Action Learning: Get the VISTA Tool Bundle0:39
    [PDF Guides] VISTA System
    Further Study: Handling Employment Gaps on Your Resume1:28
    Further Study: Incorporating a Long Career into Your Resume0:59
    Further Study: How to Use the Template if You Have No Work Experience2:36
    Further Study: How to Use Incomplete Degrees on Your Resume0:52
    Further Study: How to Create Opportunities with Startups2:26
    Further Study: Strategies for the Long Distance Job Search2:16
    Further Study: How Leadership Development Programs Work2:04

Take Complete Control of the Job Hunting Process to Get a New Job & Elevate Your Career Fast


Eazl is a totally new approach to business education, offering practical business courses in HD that fuse animation, interviews, templates, and interactive exercises to achieve better outcomes for participants in the community. We deliver business tools based on research from institutions like MIT, Harvard, and Stanford in a beautiful format that is optimized for maximum learning and retention and our team responds to your questions to support your learning outcomes. Use Weekly Brain Boosts (Fridays at 10am PST) and our frequent live events to keep your business brain engaged. Learning is a lifelong journey, not a destination.

Eazl is led by Davis (Head of Product) and Ludell (Marketing Director) with contributions from Patton (animation), Agustín (analytics), and Deer (public relations).


The job market is more competitive than ever. Recent graduates are up against growing numbers of their peers, while seasoned professionals are finding it harder to move up the career ladder. However, with this collection of lectures, guides, templates, and sample banks, you'll learn the career building techniques to make your qualifications stand out from the pack. Based on research from Harvard Business School, the McKinsey Consulting Group, and Duke University, this is course has been given a brand new 2017 reboot to guide you on all of your future career pursuits.

  • Access 151 lectures & 6 hours of content 24/7
  • Prepare keyword-rich, targeted resumes that get results
  • Present yourself powerfully on LinkedIn & separate yourself from other professionals
  • Source & create career opportunities using traditional & non-traditional techniques
  • Build relevant professional networks that are the foundation for a sustainable career
  • Interview competently & persuasively while being yourself
  • Negotiate job offers successfully


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  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
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  • Experience level required: all levels


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