Python For Beginners

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  • Getting Started
    About the Instructor1:07
    Writing Your First Python Program-- A Quick Start8:25
    Using the Shell Window4:46
    Writing Code in the Editor Window6:48
    Executing Python on the Command Line5:22
    Coding Exercise: Writing, Running and Debugging
  • Output
    Section Welcome0:42
    The print() Function3:54
    Separators and Newlines6:02
    Coding Exercise: Using the print() Function
  • Variables
    Section Welcome1:05
    Variable Assignment7:50
    Number Variables (int, float and complex)6:58
    String Variables5:11
    Substrings and Concatenation8:36
    Variables with Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries6:39
    Coding Exercise: Using Variables
  • Operators
    Section Welcome1:06
    Python Mathematical Operators9:20
    Order of Operations5:04
    Python Comparison Operators5:50
    Python Logical Operators4:31
    Coding Exercise: Operators Practice
  • Code Branching
    Section Welcome0:57
    Simple If Statements7:03
    If... Else Statements8:53
    Nested If Statements4:44
    Ternary Operator4:39
    Coding Exercise: Conditionals
  • Loops
    Section Welcome1:03
    While Loops8:30
    For Loops6:10
    Nested Loops5:27
    Break and Continue Statements5:04
    Coding Exercise: Loops
  • Math Functions
    Section Welcome0:59
    Casting Functions4:41
    Mathematical Functions4:42
    Random Functions5:24
    Coding Exercise: Math Functions
  • Python String Functions
    Section Introduction0:49
    capitalize(), center() and count()5:53
    find(), isalpha(), isdigit()4:38
    join(), len(), split()3:01
    Coding Exercise: String Functions
  • Tuples and Dictionaries
    Section Introduction1:03
    Creating Tuples4:09
    Accessing Values in Tuples6:22
    Tuple Functions11:17
    Declaring a Dictionary4:33
    Accessing and Editing Values in Dictionaries5:01
    Dictionary Functions7:37
    Coding Exercise: Dictionaries
  • Time and Date
    Section Introduction0:43
    The Time Tuple4:50
    The Calendar2:03
    Time and Calendar Functions5:11
    Coding Exercise: Functions
  • Python Functions
    Section Introduction1:04
    Defining and Calling a Simple Function5:44
    Required Argument Functions8:18
    Keyword Argument Functions6:02
    Default Function Arguments9:24
    Return Statement5:51
    Creating and Consuming Python Modules5:31
    Coding Exercise: Functions
  • Input/Output
    Section Introduction0:55
    Reading Keyboard Input7:05
    Reading an External Text File8:13
    Writing an External Text File8:31
    Coding Exercise: File I/O
  • More with Python
    Section Introduction1:00
    Handling Exceptions5:30
    Web Server Coding with Python7:50
    Processing Form Data in Python4:37
    Wrap up and Goodbye1:26

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Few programming languages provide you with the flexibility and pure power of Python, which is why many professionals recommend that beginner programmers learn Python first. Due to its relatively simple syntax and extensive degree of general-purpose use, it just makes sense to know. Python is commonly used for server-side programming for complex web apps or as a middle tier language providing web services or a communication layer with larger ecommerce systems. All that is to say you can do a lot with Python, and this course will show you just how much.

  • Access 76 lectures & 5.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Explore some of Python's many libraries for everything from games & graphics to complex mathematics
  • Study & modify code on your own to cement each topic
  • Familiarize yourself w/ Python syntax & real problem solving w/ Python
  • Complete a comprehensive project that integrates a number of different skills that are a part of core Python


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