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  • Fast start! Feel the value you get out of this course immediately!
    What do you want to make videos about? What have you done already on YouTube?
    YouTube channel success second step. Upload a new video now!
    YouTube channel success third step. What are you doing well? What can improve?
    My filming setup. See what equipment I use to film all of my videos on YouTube.
    What have you done so far?
  • Inside my YouTube channel
    You will be able to do anything you want to on YouTube after taking this course!
    2014 Rapid Growth on YouTube Search
    Questions? See how to get the most value out of this course and get more help!
    Create and upload your first viral YouTube video right after watching this!
  • Ways to Make Money on YouTube.
    Start on YouTube and then work your way into making Udemy courses
    Case study of how to make new viral YouTube videos + earn with Google AdSense.
    $2,500 per sale from YouTube tutorial videos with an "email for more help" link.
    Patreon allows you to get paid to make YouTube videos and more!
    Get paid to make YouTube videos by adding fan funding to your YouTube channel.
    I challenge you now to find a type of video you can make one of every single day
  • The YouTube Video Editor is a Powerful Tool for Making Your Own Videos Fast!
    Introduction to the YouTube video editor and how to get free videos you can use!
    How to make a niche topic video using the YouTube video editor + add your audio
  • YouTube SEO: Optimizing Titles, Tags, and Descriptions for Video Views.
    YouTube video uploading title, tagging, and description walkthrough
    YouTube title optimization tips for YouTube search and YouTube suggested video
    YouTube tagging tutorial in depth for maximizing suggested video views.
    YouTube video descriptions in depth. Long descriptions are WAY better!
    YouTube Title, Tags, and Description Character Limits.
    Adding YouTube annotations
    YouTube Keyword tool for expanding your description and making a better title.
    Adding a secret tag to increase suggested video views on your youtube channel
    Proof these YouTube strategies are working rapidly for me now making this course
  • YouTube thumbnails are key for free suggested video views and search clicks.
    How to make a great YouTube thumbnail with Canva based on data.
    YouTube thumbnail creation simply with Fiverr
    YouTube thumbails in search ranking for branding consistently and getting clicks
  • YouTube Analytics are the Secret to Optimizing Your YouTube Channel for Success!
    Introduction to YouTube analytics including views, minutes watched + top videos.
    YouTube analytics traffic sources explained for YouTube search + suggested video
    YouTube subscriber analytics tab explained for how to know which videos get subs
    YouTube search analytics how to get more than only top 25 entities available
    How to spy on your competitor's keywords on YouTube and optimize your video rank
    YouTube ranking secrets: how to push from third up to number one in the rankings
    Optimizing your YouTube video tags, title, and description based on analytics.
  • YouTube Video Ranking with Google AdWords for Video
    See how YouTube advertising has been the key to my channel's consistent growth.
    YouTube advertising tutorial 2015 with Google AdWords for video.
    YouTube ads for Udemy course sales: Hands on YouTube advertising tutorial 2015.
    YouTube advertising for direct clicks to sales after making the global campaign.
  • YouTube Comments, Engagement, and Community Interactions.
    YouTube comments and engagement explained why it is valuable for growth.
    I try to answer every comment on my YouTube channel. Think 80/20 here!
    How to add your biggest YouTube fans to a Google plus circle with three clicks
  • YouTube Viral Video Launch Process
    YouTube viral video creation fast tutorial and overview.
    YouTube viral video launch day 2 reviewing the ad campaign and initial views.
  • My video production process from start to finish
    Filming videos in 1080p HD easy with Camtasia Sutdio
    My new filming system using iPhone with iRig HD mic + screen capture software.
    Why I upload videos 1 to 3 at a time and try to do it each day.
    How to handle copyright claims and avoid getting flagged for copyright.
  • Live streaming on YouTube is a big thing that is here right now!
    YouTube live streaming launched my first viral video! See how to get started.
    How to setup your first live event or live stream on YouTube.
    Getting the live stream for a video game started with elgato game capture HD.
    Challenges: YouTube export error setting up my live stream. Twitch lagging.
  • How to solve problems on YouTube.
    Copyright strikes on YouTube: how to follow up and appeal.
    How to remove a YouTube copyright strike and complete the counter notification.
  • Bonus Materials and Course Summary!
    YouTube connected me with a way of living that is awesome. How can you do it?

Rock the Social Media World to Its Foundations & Turn Your FB Game Into a Career

Jerry Banfield

Jerry Banfield has been an online entrepreneur since 2011, having served hundreds of clients in over 20 countries and managed billions of Facebook ads. He has learned how to drive large amounts of organic Google and YouTube traffic to his website, and teaches online courses sharing his experience with students worldwide. A member of the MENSAsociety, Jerry holds degrees from the University of South Carolina and the University of South Florida.


The YouTube revolution is here. The red carpets are full of millionaire YouTube celebs, and who even needs TV to be entertained anymore?! Yes, the revolution is happening, and now is the time to get involved. The opportunity to make money on YouTube is now, and this course will teach you how to take advantage while the going is hot.

  • Access 57 lessons & 6 hours of video content 24/7
  • Seamlessly upload new videos to your channel
  • Quickly gain more followers
  • Learn what equipment is needed for filming & where to get it
  • Create your own YouTube tutorials on anything: hair, makeup, DIY, cooking, marketing & beyond
  • Study SEO tactics to get you more followers via Google
  • Create eye-catching thumbnails to rep your brand
  • Use Google AdWords to get new followers, fast
  • Learn about copyright rules


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  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
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