System Administration and Infrastructure Management Bundle

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102 Lessons (23h)

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to linux OS
    Intro to linux OS14:14
    Overview of Linux Features5:55
    Overview of Open source and GNU licensing5:31
    Introduction to Linux Kernel and Versions9:49
    About Linux Distributors9:53
  • Planning for Installation
    Planning to Intsall Linux OS9:02
    Understanding Hardware Prereuistes for Linux14:27
    Partitioning Disk for Installing Linux18:42
    Dual Booting Linux with non-Linux OS14:09
  • Installing Linux OS
    Understanding installation modes of linux6:22
    Pre-requistes for creating a practical lab6:22
    Creating a Virtual Lab for Linux Installation14:18
    Part 1 Understanding Boot Manager of LInux OS15:02
    Part 2 Boot manager in linux9:50
    Installation of Redhat OS in Virtual Box18:12
    Post Installation steps for Redhat Linux2:25
    Part 1 Fresh installtion of Debain OS version 8.615:17
    Part 2 Fresh installtion of Debain OS version 8.62:48
    Part 3 Fresh installtion of Debain OS version 8.64:03
  • Configurin and Determining Linux Hardware
    Overview of Linux Desktop Environment5:21
    Understanding Linux File Structure16:14
    Detemining System IRQ and I_O devices15:24
    Part 1 Understanding and Modifying Kernel Modules13:30
    Part 2 Understanding and Modifying Kernel Modules13:17
    Determine Hardwares and Location of Hardware19:00
    Monitoring Devices in Linux10:43
  • Understanding Linux Boot Process
    Part 1 Explanation of Linux Boot process17:04
    Part 2 Explanation of Linux Boot process6:30
    Accessing System and Boot Logs in Linux9:27
    Part 1 Determine and Manage systemv,systemd and upstart Process9:29
    Part 2 Determine and Manage systemv,systemd and upstart Process10:10
    Resetting Root's Forgotten Password during boot process13:50
    Part 1 Understand and Manage Grub2 boot Loader13:13
    Part 2 Understand and Manage Grub2 boot Loader11:27
    Part 1 Configure and Manage SystemD process14:44
    Part 2 Configure and Manage SystemD process9:28
  • Managing Files and Directories through Commands
    Part 1 Listing and creating files16:18
    Part 2 Listing and creating files13:26
    Comamnds for Managing Files13:21
    Part 1 Search commands for Files and Directories5:57
    Part 2 Search commands for Files and Directories16:35
    Part 1 File Editors-graphical and nano editor13:17
    Part 2 File Editors-graphical and nano editor11:06
    Part 1 Working with VI editors15:58
    Part 2 Working with VI editors15:39
    Part 3 Working with VI editors11:48
    Part 4 Working with VI editors8:38
    Working with Directories19:59
    Perform File Compression in Linux15:34
    Part 1 Archive Files and Directories in Linux13:08
    Part 2 Archive Files and Directories in Linux14:59
    File System Blocks18:41
    Creating File Links14:08
  • Working on Shells,Library and Variables
    Part 1 Managing Shared Library11:32
    Part 2 Managing Shared Library15:23
    Part 1 Understanding and Managing Linux Shells9:57
    Part 2 Understanding and Managing Linux Shells12:27
    Part 1 Managing Linux commands and variables14:00
    Part 2 Managing Linux commands and variables15:38
  • Text streaming and Filters
    Using cut and expand command with parameters13:14
    Part 1 Filtering and Comparing files16:22
    Part 2 Filtering and Comparing files13:42
    Using split command12:24
    Part 1 Sorting,Counting and Numbering Lines of Files1:12
    Part 2 Sorting,Counting and Numbering Lines of Files8:20
    Part 1 Translate and Filter duplicates of File18:47
    Part 2 Translate and Filter duplicates of File4:31
    Part 1 Formatting file using FMT and OD commands11:35
    Part 2 Formatting file using FMT and OD commands8:50
  • Using Regular Expressions,Streams,Pipes and Redirect Commands
    Part 1 Regular Expressions15:53
    Part 2 Regular Expressions9:58
    Part 3 Regular Expressions17:29
    Part 1 Using Streams,Pipes and redirects13:49
    Part 2 Using Streams,Pipes and redirects12:16
    Using Xargs9:56
    Part 1 Using sed -Text streaming command13:59
    Part 2 Using sed -Text streaming command15:54
    Part 3 Using sed -Text streaming command11:35
    Part 4 Using sed -Text streaming command10:48
  • Manage and Monitor Process in Linux
    Part 1 Create,Moniter And Kill Process13:32
    Part 2 Create,Moniter And Kill Process14:09
    Part 3 Create,Moniter And Kill Process13:52
    Part 1 Modifying Process Execution Priority15:07
    Part 2 Modifying Process Execution Priority17:09
  • Manage File permission and Ownership
    Part 1 Setting File Permissions13:48
    Part 2 Setting File Permissions14:34
    Set Recurssive Permissions6:08
    Part 1 Create and Manage Users and Groups in Linux19:34
    Part 2 Create and Manage Users and Groups in Linux18:34
    Managing File Ownership7:21
    Modifying Umask Value8:34
    Setting SUID Permission For An Executable Files14:27
    Seting SGID Permission For Directory or File11:31
    Setting Sticky Bit Permissions For Data Security11:14
  • Managing Disk Drives and Quota's
    Creating Partitions Using Parted Command18:21
    Partitioning Disk Using FDISK Command11:54
    Creating Partitions Using GDISK Command10:34
    Understanding and Using Filesystems in Linux18:53
    Part 1 Mouting Drives and Partitons in Linux13:18
    Part 2 Mouting Drives and Partitons in Linux11:23
    Creating and Managing Swap Partitions14:04
    Part 1 Managing User and Disk Quota15:02
    Part 2 Managing User and Disk Quota10:35
  • Package Management in Linux and Distros
    Using RPM Part 118:03
    Using RPM Part 217:22
    YUM Part 118:53
    YUM Part 219:47
    Package Management In Debain13:11

Manage Enterprise Computer Systems by Learning Linux, Docker, Git, & Much More Over These 95 Hours

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Linux has become one of the fastest-growing operating systems for programmers and developers worldwide, in addition to powering servers and cloud systems all over. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) works to offer certification exams that verify Linux administrators' skills, connecting qualified administrators and companies in need. This course takes aim at the LPIC - 1 exam, giving you all the knowledge you need to ace this first level exam.

  • Access 102 lectures & 23 hours of content 24/7
  • Install Linux & get familiar w/ different configurations & hardware systems
  • Learn how to perform tasks on the command line interface & work around the Linux kernel
  • Understand that Boot Process
  • Manage file directories, work w/ shared libraries, understand text streaming, & more
  • Work w/ RedHat & Debian


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime access
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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