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2021 SEO & Social Media Marketing Strategies To Reach 1,000,000 People
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  • Experience level required: Beginner
  • Access 122 lectures & 8 hours of content 24/7
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Course Curriculum

122 Lessons (8h)

  • Your First Program

  • Welcome and introduction

    Course introduction and welcome3:51
  • SEO introduction. Starting with keyword research

    Breaking down our SEO steps into three phases3:51
    Long tail. vs. short tail SEO keywords8:41
    Introduction to the Google Keyword Tool9:51
    Example of my own keyword research and thinking outside the box
    Google voice SEO & Answer-box SEO4:54
    Three other SEO keyword tools - just to give you more options2:17
    Keyword density vs. keyword stuffing and tools to correctly manage it4:30
    Creating a full list of SEO keywords to rank for and tracking them8:52
    13-step keyword research checklist8:32
    Gray hat SEO, when keyword stuffing is ok and when not to do it4:35
  • Strategies for popular business types & first-time marketer mistakes

    Section introduction - how SEO applies to YOUR business3:02
    Strategy and SEO for Ecommerce6:43
    Local business strategy5:23
    Content driven business SEO2:36
  • Set up your Webmaster tool from Google

    Setting up your Google Search Console - formerly known as Webmaster Tools6:08
    Creating your sitemap.xml4:22
    Submitting new URLs and checking for page status and indexing1:53
    Where your pages are ranking and page/query performance4:19
    User experience section of Google Search Console3:51
    Google analytics introduction9:19
  • On-Page SEO to get a high click-through rate from the search result page

    On page SEO introduction5:51
    Influencing SEO ranking with intent-match strategy2:33
    Intent match with snippets3:49
    Writing enticing meta tags to increase Google search result page clickthrough5:19
  • On-page SEO: Beginner to savvy and advanced strategies

    How to set up the Yoast plugin for SEO6:39
    Setting your meta tags with Yoast in WordPress or directly in HTML2:57
    Shopify SEO - setting title and description for Ecommerce7:53
    No-follow vs. follow links5:27
    ADVANCED inner-page links: From a page to same page! Extra SEO boost4:02
    Image ALT tag for SEO1:37
    Cornerstone SEO pages that get shared more and rank better5:25
    Site speed load plugin1:53
  • Off-page SEO & Smart SEO

    Off-page SEO section introduction1:50
    Google SEO for new websites & Google Citations6:13
    How to get Links from Wikipedia6:33
    8 ways to get good links by getting publicity4:59
    What makes a link good for SEO6:16
    Guest-blogging for SEO - how to do it properly3:52
    Link-begging introduction. The brute-force approach that will never stop working3:17
    Script for cold emailing (link-begging) for backlink requests3:17
    Competitor link research2:48
  • Additional SEO strategies to rank higher and be smarter about SEO

    Google SEO trends for 2021 and what to focus on3:11
    Advanced intent-match boosting strategy for ranking higher in Google search4:04
    Leveraging recommendation algorithms8:01
    Using authoritative sites to rank multiple Top 10 listings8:23
  • Combining on-page SEO and sales copywriting

    Introduction to combining SEO and copywriting1:43
    CHECKLIST: Sales page conversion checklist to boost sales in addition to SEO6:49
    EXAMPLE of a sales page that balances SEO and conversion optimization4:21
    Powerful white-hat SEO strategy that almost no one talks about4:21
    Common question: Should you have a blog?4:44
    How to increase sales by adding scarcity3:04
  • Setting up your website

    How to choose a domain name8:16
    How to set up your website professionally and on your own4:05
  • Social media marketing fundamentals and good practices

    Introduction to social media section1:12
    How social sharing helps Google SEO6:45
    Social media marketing mistakes4:20
    Social media exercise3:01
  • Creating your own show on social media

    Why a show - some students get confused1:06
    Introduction to building your own show1:14
    Goals for your show4:51
    Show monetization4:23
    Deciding on a solo show or a show with guests4:38
    Advanced content repurposing with strategies that work today & in the future4:21
    Topic coverage: Evergreen vs. current topics4:41
    Example of a site that is newsy and evergreen2:25
    Daily, monthly or weekly show5:37
    What you can outsource for a show3:09
  • Live YouTube show or live Facebook show

    Introduction to the section: Live shows on YouTube Live, Facebook Live, etc.2:07
    Encoding software for live streaming and mobile options3:38
    OBS Settings1:59
    How to go live on YouTube and Facebook5:07
    Good practices for a live show4:37
  • Brief introductions to a few additional social platforms

    Quora marketing to get immediate traffic to your website and videos5:24
  • Virality, sharing, and referrals

    Explaining the viral coefficient formula2:44
    Viral coefficient calculator2:38
    Ads having a role in virality3:39
    Net promoter score6:29
    How to get three different types of business referrals5:24
  • How to use viral memes to go viral and boost sharing

    Introduction to using memes1:07
    How to begin finding viral memes to post on your social media3:17
    How to create your own image memes in minutes and for free2:29
    How to create your own gifs to go viral2:34
  • YouTube Marketing

    YouTube section introduction1:24
    How a professional would approach promotion of a single YouTube video4:25
    YouTube SEO introduction4:56
    YouTube On-Page SEO3:45
    Introducing the YouTube recommendation algorithm4:46
    Special plugin to get insights on your and competitors videos on YouTube4:06
    Strategy for getting views from the YouTube recommendation algorithm5:36
    What to do when you first begin your YouTube channel2:17
    Overview of my YouTube channel to give you ideas for how you can grow on YouTube6:33
    How to get more views on YouTube7:32
    Using hashtags in video titles5:13
  • Twitter marketing

    Twitter marketing section introduction4:33
    Branding your Twitter page like a professional6:31
    What to do on Twitter on day 14:29
    Tweet formula: How much and what types of content to tweet5:55
    Using hashtags in your social media updates2:46
    Twitter how to consistently rank in hashtag searches automate it6:43
    Ideal tweet length to maximize engagement and retweets2:03
    Best days and times to tweet2:10
    Creating pseudo-awards for virality and resharing2:45
    Make your own business hashtag2:15
    Strategies for pinned tweets1:58
  • Facebook marketing

    Introduction to Facebook marketing2:39
    What you can expect from different promotional strategies on Facebook4:31
    How the Facebook algorithm works4:17
    How to make engagement beget more engagement3:44
    Easiest Facebook marketing: From your own personal page4:11
    How Facebook is becoming the new LinkedIn3:01
  • For Ecommerce and selling products

    How to sell products online and offline8:38
  • Introduction To Marketing: Beginners Please Watch This First

    Marketing fundamentals section introduction1:03
    History and economic roots of marketing3:50
    Seth Godin and the concept of the Purple Cow3:44
    How to identify your target market4:00
    A/B testing and how to increase conversion rates & relation to sales funnels
    Defining KPI and examples of KPI5:39
    KPI for a dating website startup5:47

2021 SEO & Social Media Marketing Strategies To Reach 1,000,000 People

Alex Genadinik

Alex Genadinik | Business, Entrepreneurship, SEO, Marketing, Amazon, YouTube

4.5/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Alex Genadinik is a coach on business, entrepreneurship, SEO, marketing, and Amazon. He is a 3-time best-selling Amazon author with some of his books used in universities and high schools. He is also the creator of top entrepreneur mobile apps with 2,000,000+ downloads, host of a popular business and marketing channel on YouTube with 2,000,000+ views, a successful affiliate marketer, a serial entrepreneur in many other fields.


Apply the most effective marketing strategies for 2021 and finally get the growth you've been hoping for! If you're lost in marketing, hiring freelancers with no results, or not really sure on what to do next, this course will set you on the right path, help you choose the most effective marketing strategies, and show you how to implement them for your business. It will cover SEO, social media marketing, branding, traffic, and more. If you are effective at promoting your business, the sky is the limit.

4.4/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 122 lectures & 8 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn top social media marketing strategies to grow your business & brand yourself and your business as an authority
  • Get ahead of your competitors with creative SEO strategies
  • Increase the sales conversion rate of your site visitors for an immediate revenue boost
  • Make cornerstone SEO pages that rank
  • Write better headlines that increase click-through rates
  • Create an interview-based case study of how one client got millions of website visitors from Internet marketing
  • Discover growth hacking SEO strategies to make almost any page rank in the top 10


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