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TikTok Marketing 2020: Grow Your Account & Master TikTok Ads
  • Certification included
  • Experience level required: Beginner
  • Access 134 lectures & 10 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

134 Lessons (10h)

  • Your First Program
  • Introduction
    Course overview0:48
    Meet the instructor0:59
    5 reasons to be excited about TikTok3:36
    Top 10 strategies to grow on TikTok5:15
  • Setting up your account
    Intro to section 20:29
    Types of accounts19:15
    Q&A: Can I change my account type later on?2:35
    Types of content8:30
    How I picked my type of content6:17
    Follow along - UI walkthrough7:16
    What goes into a profile3:26
    Name vs. username3:30
    Picking your username8:26
    Q&A: Indexability and what to do if you can't get the name you want8:42
    Writing a bio3:22
    Q&A: What should I write in my bio?6:33
    Links in bio3:00
    Q&A: Should I add links to YouTube & Instagram in my bio? Is it worth it?3:26
    Q&A: What should I put as my link in bio? What if I don't use it?3:09
    Your profile picture or logo6:54
    Getting a great profile picture and logo14:26
    Q&A: Does the profile picture even matter?2:43
    Q&A: What do I put as my profile picture if I'm a company?1:20
    Follow along - Creating a new account from scratch10:05
    OPTIONAL: Using an old account vs. going fresh2:21
    Outro to section 20:41
    Section 2: Review & Recap
  • Pro tips
    Intro to section 30:15
    TikTok Pro account and analytics6:03
    Q&A: Why getting TikTok Pro matters & how to use it3:43
    How to get verified4:51
    Q&A: All about being verified4:59
    Future TikTok features5:30
    Changing your location3:43
    Q&A: Location hacking and the benefits of picking a location5:39
    Outro to section 30:43
    Section 3: Review & Recap
  • Creating your first post
    Intro to section 40:24
    Elements of a great post2:41
    Q&A: Following trends vs. setting your own path. How do you decide?4:52
    Q&A: Where should I focus my time? Preparation vs. filming vs. editing2:53
    Q&A: Why bother with titles? Are they worth it?4:00
    Description & hashtags8:42
    Q&A: Picking hashtags, hashtag oddities, & banned terms10:18
    Follow along - Putting it all together & creating a post10:05
    Q&A: Do we care about thumbnails & shot composition?5:04
    Q&A: Should I watermark my content?3:40
    Challenges and trends7:28
    Q&A: All about song selection6:07
    Cross-promote your content on other platforms1:41
    Q&A: Can I make this work for my industry?8:23
    Q&A: Reasons why your post isn't getting views12:54
    Outro to section 40:48
    Section 4: Review & Recap
  • Growth tactics
    Intro to section 51:26
    Simple formula for growth11:46
    Q&A: How do I get over the "creativity wall"?13:39
    Everything you need to know about the TikTok algorithm5:28
    Q&A: Comments, Shares, & Likes. How much should I care?5:48
    Pro gear8:39
    Recording off TikTok5:15
    What to do when your video flops5:03
    Case study - My videos6:44
    Creating your content plan & frequency of posting6:53
    Q&A: Quality vs. quantity. What works on TikTok?8:45
    Engaging with other TikTokers2:57
    Why you shouldn't use bots2:30
    Q&A: Should I buy followers?3:17
    Inspiration for content2:37
    Outro to section 51:13
    Section 5: Review & Recap
  • How to make money on TikTok
    Intro to section 60:33
    Making money with your audience9:33
    Promoting other people's products with influencer marketing6:01
    How to get an influencer gig8:00
    Case study - My RedBull deal4:30
    Examples - Influencer ad campaigns4:00
    Promoting other people's products with affiliate marketing3:01
    Affiliate marketing options5:53
    Outro to section 61:06
    Section 6: Review & Recap
  • TikTok for business
    Intro to section 71:04
    The business case for TikTok7:22
    Future ecommerce features5:22
    Using influencers8:58
    Case study - Old Town Road3:41
    Example - Personality - Avani2:49
    Examples - Own product - Twisted & Kind Snacks4:33
    Example - Reposting user content - Chipotle3:11
    Example - Zach King for Kind Snacks & BMW3:02
    Example - Campaign - #PMTurns402:03
    Example - Going viral - Zombies, Run!2:35
    Example - Social commerce - Panda costume1:49
    Outro to section 70:48
    Section 7: Review & Recap
  • TikTok ads for business
    Intro to TikTok ads1:25
    How to open a TikTok ads account3:01
    Follow along - How to open a TikTok ads account4:24
    Auction basics7:09
    Overview of TikTok ads manager3:28
    Campaign structure2:46
    Campaign level5:38
    Ad group level - customer targeting8:05
    Ad group level - other settings3:21
    Ad level5:09
    Follow along - Creating a campaign from scratch17:56
    Evaluating performance8:42
    What to do if a campaign is working well3:47
    What to do if a campaign is not working well2:28
    Outro to section 80:52
    Section 8: Review & Recap
  • Advanced TikTok ads for business
    Intro to section 91:06
    Using micro influencers' content6:08
    The importance of scale3:24
    The 3 step process for getting content6:19
    Follow along - The 3 step process for getting content14:02
    Alternative ways to get content4:30
    How to spy on your competitors3:54
    Follow along - Hiring on Fiverr6:05
    Follow along - Hiring on UpWork13:51
    Outro to section 91:16
    Section 9: Review & Recap
    New Lecture
  • Follow along: Account growth
    Intro to section 100:26
    Follow along - 1k followers5:11
    Follow along - 5k followers7:05
    Follow along - 10k followers4:16
    Follow along - 15k followers3:08
    Follow along - 25k followers8:43

TikTok Marketing 2020: Grow Your Account & Master TikTok Ads

Evan Kimbrell

Evan Kimbrell | Founder of Sprintkick | Ex-VC | Ex-Startup Founder

4.4 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Evan Kimbrell is the founder and director of Sprintkick, a referral-based full-service digital agency based out of San Francisco. Over the last 4 years, he has overseen the development and launch of over 100 web and mobile apps. Clients range from 1-2 man startups bootstrapping their idea, to multi-billion-dollar Fortune 100s like Wal-Mart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, & GNC. Before founding Sprintkick, Evan worked as a VC for the LA-based Juvo Capital firm.

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The world’s fastest-growing social media platform, TikTok has around 800 million monthly active users. Plus, it’s the only place where new users can go viral overnight. In other words, it’s a marketing opportunity you don’t want to shy away from. In this course, it will take you from complete newbie to a bonafide TikTok pro. You’ll learn how to create a personal or business account that users will want to engage with, and how to conjure up an entertaining TikTok post. Growing your account is also on the agenda. In fact, this course will show you how to get 10,000 followers within 30 days without using dodgy bots or buying followers.

4.7/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 134 lectures & 10 hours of content 24/7
  • Grow your own TikTok account organically
  • Design & scale TikTok ad campaigns
  • Design content specifically for TikTok's algorithm
  • Get your content discovered, even when your account is brand new
  • Optimize your bio text & profile photo
  • Grow your TikTok account if you're a business


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  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: desktop & mobile
  • Certificate of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Updates included
  • Experience level required: beginner


  • Any device with basic specifications


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